30 Days with TextMate

I've been a vim user for years, but since moving to OSX I've been hearing a lot about TextMate. Since I always encourage others to keep an open mind and learn new things, I decided to give this editor a solid shot. For the next 30 days, I'll TextMate for all my editing, coding, and general editing needs. I'll keep a tally of pros and cons that I encounter along the way.

  Vim Textmate
Snippets I'm told there's a plugin called SnipMate, haven't tried it yet though Killer feature, highly customizable and flexible (any scripting language you want.)
Stability rock solid Crashes frequently. Not every 5m or anything, but about once or twice a day. *Seems to be related to a bug in the help search menu. You can avoid crashing by not launching commands through the help search.

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