Customized Qt4 Generated Xcode Projects

One of the very nice features of Qt's qmake is the ability to generate platform specific IDE projects. However, unless I've missed something in the Qt docs customizing the build settings for generated projects is very limited. Since often run qmake to update other generated files (ui_, moc_, etc), I had to reconfigure Xcode each time. To get around this, I wrote a Python script that that first runs qmake with -spec macx-xcode and then modifies the generated Xcode project with custom settings. The custom settings themselves are defined in a YAML file. The script expects to be run from the Qt project directory and expects to find a file called xcode.yml in that directory that contains your custom build options. My xcode.yml:

  compatibilityVersion: Xcode 3.2
  SDKROOT: /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk
  VALID_ARCHS: "i386 x86_64"
  VALID_ARCHS: "i386 x86_64 ppc ppc64"

The environment variables and their values are a 1-to-1 for what you see in Xcode's Build pane of Project Info if you right click on a field and select "Show Definitions" and "Show Settings Names". The source can be downloaded here.

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