Fix for MacVim Syntax Error, Throws "Only one file name allowed"

I keep a lot of my user installed applications in /Applications/User Utilities. Keeps some modicum of organization and reduces a bit of clutter in my /Applications directory. After moving MacVim to this directory, I began getting several errors when opening files. They were all of the same type.

E172: Only one file name allowed

With occurrances on several lines in the runtime/syntax/vim.vim file. Opening the file, I found syntax like the following

exe "syn include @vimPerlScript ".s:perlpath

You may notice the perpath variable is where the problem lies. the space gives the appearance of two arguments instead of a single path. We can prevent this by using fnameescape For me, these errors occurred on lines 585, 607, and 628.

  • Line 585

    exe "syn include @vimPerlScript ".s:perlpath


    exe "syn include @vimPerlScript ".fnameescape(s:perlpath)
  • Line 607

    exe "syn include @vimRubyScript ".s:rubypath


    exe "syn include @vimRubyScript ".fnameescape(s:rubypath)
  • Line 628

    exe "syn include @vimPythonScript ".s:pythonpath


    exe "syn include @vimPythonScript ".fnameescape(s:pythonpath)

All done.

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